The Integrated Approach

When it comes to operating your successful company, protection and security compliance requirements can be overwhelming. That's especially true when you have more than one vendor taking care of your fire and security needs.  You might even be paying too much for services that can be streamlined to lower your company's expenses.

In today's competitive business climate, the fire and security needs of every company is constantly changing. With Brothers Fire & Security as your strategic partner, we bring the latest technology, processes and systems to help your business to save lives, and save valuable time and money.  The integrated approach ensures that all of your safety requirements are compliant and serving the needs of you and your business most effectively.  We look forward to serving you and earning your trust as we deliver exceptional products and services to meet all of your fire and security needs.

Bundle & Save

A fresh review of your company's fire and security needs is simply smart business. Taking the integrated approach to your fire and security needs can significantly increase performance and reduce expenses. Let us show you the savings.

Before working with Brothers Fire & Security, all of our protection and security services were taken care of from several different vendors. Our annual inspections were scheduled for all different times of the year; and quite frankly, we didn't know how the various services were performing. Now, we have an integrated fire and security plan for all 70 of our locations with more in development. We trust Brothers Fire & Security with all of our fire and security needs.

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A Commitment to Safety & Security
One aspect of Brothers Fire and Security that sets it apart from its competition is the fact that it is a solution-based provider. “We understand our customers and their needs,” says Cieslukowski. “If we’re working with a traditional fire sprinkler company and already providing it with a very high level Learn More

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Our dedicated and experienced team will take an in-depth review of your protection needs. Together, we'll look for ways to integrate your services and save you money at the same time.
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Based on your company's needs, our knowledgeable team will custom design your fire and security systems with cost-effective technology.
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Our expert teams bring the latest industry knowledge and technology to every client. In the building process, we watch for ways to integrate your fire and security needs effectively.
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Project teams work together to bring your fire and security plans into reality. Every step of the way, we makes sure that your solutions are delivered on time and on budget.
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With our 24-7 monitoring services, we bring peace of mind when your fire and security needs are met. Our commitment is safety first.
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Many of our clients appreciate that we can coordinate all your annual safety inspections, so you don't have to. The integration approach saves valuable time and money.
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Our business is in a high growth industry, and fire and security systems are essential to our success. We trust and depend on Brothers Fire & Security to deliver state-of-art technology solutions as our company grows.

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