December 15th, 2018, Minneapolis, Minnesota:
We’re just days away from turning over the calendar to a new year. Do you wake up on Jan. 1 and make New Year’s resolutions—lose 20 pounds, spend less time on electronic devices, walk 10,000 steps a day—then break them all by the Super Bowl? Been there, done that!
As a business owner, an all-important New Year’s resolution to make and keep is evaluating your security system. Like it or not, we have to think about safety more. It’s a harsh reality, but no place is safe these days—just turn on the news. We have to be in a constant state of awareness, readiness and observation.
When was the last time you put serious thought into the safety of your business and its people? Are you being vigilant? Even if you think you are, now is the time to evaluate your security needs to see if there are gaps or oversights. Don’t put it off!

Even though evaluation of security systems is not required, it should be done annually. Security systems are constantly being developed to keep up with the times and ever-changing needs, so you don’t want to overlook what could further protect your business. I’ve developed a check list to evaluate your security system to determine any issues that you should deal with.

  • If your system stores data, is the DVR actually working?
  • Are the cameras working? Don’t just assume they are; test them. Make sure they are seeing what they are supposed to see, and are clean and in focus.
  • Are there people who have access who shouldn’t have it, such as past employees?
    • Ensure that the personnel access list is up-to-date.
    • Make sure the access level is still appropriate.
    • Who is managing the access and is that the best person? Usually, the head of IT is specifically responsible. In smaller companies it would be the person trained and up-to-date on the software.
  • Are all key pads and door swipes working properly?
    • Send in any that are broken and get either new or temporary ones. Have a couple of extra key pads and door swipes on hand.
    • Reset the access calendar for the year to reflect holidays, hours and locations since holidays float and fluctuate.
    • Make sure doors are managed and locking at the same time.
  • Have you renewed your hardware and software licenses?
  • Is your hardware in good working order?
  • Do you have the latest software upgrades?
  • See to it that security training is up-to-date.
  • This should go without saying, but test all alarms.

Brothers Fire & Security is available to help with your security evaluation and make recommendations to ensure your business is fully protected and works with your needs and budget.

As 2018 draws to a close, all of us here at Brothers Fire & Security wish you and your business a prosperous, safe and happy 2019. Thank you for trusting us with your fire and security needs.


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