September 15, 2017, Minneapolis, Minnesota:

When it comes to stylish and affordable apartment / townhome rentals, Hoigaard Village in St. Louis Park, Minnesota ranks among the very best in the Twin Cities. All six buildings in four lifestyle locations – The Adagio, The Camerato, Harmony Vista and Medley Row – promote a strong sense of community.

Managed by Great Lakes Management Company, Hoigaard Village provides a lifestyle centered around “The Rhythm of Living: Distinctive home options at a perfect pitch that blends location, comfort and your lifestyle into perfect harmony.”


The Power of Bundled Services

From a technical perspective, combining fire (alarm, sprinkler & extinguishers), security and monitoring services brings a streamlined solution all under one roof. This is especially important for multi-family communities like Hoigaard Village. A convenient, integrated approach to these mission-critical services saves valuable time and money. Plus, it supports the quality of life that’s important for residents and management alike.

The Challenge: Too Many Vendors Disrupts Community Life

Hoigaard Village had previously worked with several different vendors to provide fire, security and monitoring services. Annual inspections and periodic servicing had to be scheduled at different times throughout the year. These were difficult and time consuming to coordinate between vendors. The disruption to the community happened many times when required service and inspections happened on a random basis.

When services are not bundled, inspection deadlines can get missed and insurance premiums can be higher. The pressure to get these inspections done increases and services can end up being more costly than necessary. At the very least, a periodic review of your vendors and services is a smart practice for every business!

The Solution: Life Safety Week and Bundled Services

During their assessment, we developed a comprehensive Life Safety Plan to solve the challenges. Through the integrated approach and bundled services, we dramatically reduced their vendor costs. and made a strategic difference to support their community’s core values.

“They had over 18 different vendor visits throughout the year to manage,” said Margaret Jacques, Life Safety Sales with Brothers Fire & Security. “We put together a bundled service plan which eliminated multiple vendors, coordinated all their inspections at the same time, and saved an average of 25% on the cost of their services.”

Life Safety Week happened this week (Sept 11-14, 2017) at Hoigaard Village. We coordinate and schedule their required service and inspections, and focused on an annual community event rather than multiple inconveniences throughout the year. We’ve also been able to provide training on the sprinkler systems as an added value for property managers.

The Impact

With the personalized, bundled solution in place, there is a sign of relief around the Hoigaard Village community. Now, one vendor is coordinating their services and inspections with a dedicated account manager (Brothers Fire & Security) as a single point of contact. The “Rhythm of Living” at Hoigaard Village is now supported by the safety and security systems that serve the best interests of their whole community.

Congratulations to Hoigaard Village and Great Lakes Management for giving us the opportunity to create their first annual Life Safety Week!


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