September 1st, 2018, Minneapolis, Minnesota:
Today’s security challenges have brought the safety of people and property to new levels of awareness. Industries that include schools, restaurants, multi-family housing complexes, and senior living communities all need protection.  Every business, regardless of size and location, now requires more security systems and monitoring than ever before.

  • 64 percent of small businesses are victims of employee theft, resulting in losses of $25,000 to $33,000 per minute
  • Approximately 75 percent of employees steal (usually office supplies)
  • There are approximately 27 million shoplifters (or 1 in 11 people)
  • Over 1.5 million burglaries occurred in 2015; 28.4 percent of those were retail, costing businesses $800 million in retail property losses
  • Over 2.4 million crimes occur in parking lots or garages; 16 percent were violent (assault, rape, and robbery); 84 percent were motor and personal property theft
  • More than 1 in 10 property crimes occurred in parking lots or garages; roughly 80 percent at shopping centers, strip malls and business offices

Whether it’s older buildings with outdated security systems, or seasonal or terminated employees who still have access, every business is bound to have security challenges. Are areas of your property in “blind spots?” Is your current fire and security company unreliable or ineffective? Do incidents happen that are not documented correctly or not reported at all? A sorry fact is that 85 percent of nursing facilities reported at least one allegation of abuse or neglect in 2012. But only 53 percent of those allegations and the investigation results were reported to the Department of Health and Human Services.


Despite all the seemingly security negatives, there are lots of positives. Changing technology has increased effectiveness in how businesses protect people and buildings. Ongoing advances make security systems smaller and less expensive to install, maintain and monitor. Plus, insurance covers the extensive security and protection requirements, which in the long run effectively lowers liability.

One security device that is proven effective against many of the issues I’ve highlighted in this blog is the surveillance camera. Strategically placed, cameras provide protection to property and people. If a suspicious individual, individuals or items are seen in an area, the appropriate authorities can be contacted immediately to move into the area before any damage is done, people are injured, or any crime is committed.

In fact, having the camera visible is a deterrent. If someone sees a camera—or a sign alerting people to camera surveillance—they are less likely to behave outside of the norm. It’s called the Newcomb Effect: Potential burglars see the “eye in the sky” and decide that it would be totally stupid to break in, and they’ll leave. If store employees see a security camera focused on the cash register, they’ll change their mind before pilfering the plunder. Senior living residents are protected from abuse and theft when employees and visitors know there are cameras monitoring activity.

The statistics prove cameras work. A criminal justice study found that 60 percent of convicted burglars would look for security cameras before moving forward, and 40 percent said that the presence of security cameras would motivate them to seek another easier target. Also, cameras in parking lots can cut crime by 50 percent. Other advantages of cameras are people in the area can be cleared as a precaution, and video can be used in identifying and apprehending suspects in other crimes.


What is the #1 myth about security? My business can’t afford it.

Wrong! The TRUTH is that your business can’t afford NOT to deploy adequate security. You want -- and deserve -- the best safety and security measures from a service that has a solid reputation with proven results.


Here’s what should be included in your security plan:

  • Cameras with adequate coverage of all areas.
    • There are no blind spots inside or outside the building.
    • A landscaping assessment is completed to make sure there are no hiding spots around the property
  • Garage and parking areas are well lit and with adequate camera coverage
  • Make sure that all areas are well lit – inside and out
  • A card access system has an effective process to keep up with terminated employees and new hires
  • The security system is programmed correctly
  • Key staff receive training and emergency plans with drills
  • Time card management is included
  • All occupants are monitored for relevant safety and protection
  • Security systems are inspected annually, and serviced when necessary

Many security services offer a FREE assessment to find out where your business is vulnerable and what solutions are available. Brothers Fire & Security always provides a free assessment, so contact us to go over your security challenges and develop a plan that is best for your people and your business.


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