Focus on Customer Service

One of Brothers Fire & Security’s strengths is we’re problem-solvers. Since communication (actually, the lack of it) ranks high in challenges businesses face, we have an ongoing commitment to be on the lookout for ways to communicate more effectively. This includes investing in technology.

One such investment is using front-end technologies to streamline our proposal process. Since our client’s satisfaction is our goal, we went directly to them and asked: What do you want in the proposal process that will meet your fire and security needs?

Well, their collective response sure wasn’t our old system of creating proposals in Word documents, printing them, scanning them and emailing them to our customers. Often, our emails got stuck in spam or junk mail folders. This was obviously slowing down the proposal process and creating frustration for both us and our customers. It was time for “out with the old and in with the new.” And the “new” is cloud-based software.

What On Earth is This Cloud We Keep Hearing About?

Using as little techno-speak as possible, the “cloud” refers to applications, services or resources available to users through the Internet from a provider’s servers. Companies typically use the cloud to increase capacity, enhance functionality or add services. Cloud apps aid companies’ collaborative tasks, file sharing, content sharing, and data security.

According to Forbes, by the end of 2020, 67 percent of enterprise infrastructure will be cloud-based. McAfee MVision Cloud reports that the average employee uses 36 cloud-based services in their daily routine.

So, it makes total sense that Brothers Fire & Security joins this technological revolution. Based on our clients’ input and intense research on our part, I’m excited to announce that we have implemented a new solution called QuoteWerks.

Through Quotewerks, we’ll use important information from our consultations about your ever-changing fire and security needs to develop proposals. You’ll receive real-time quotes through the portal, review the proposal request changes, and see the analytics about the project. With our QuoteWerks investment, you’ll know the status of your project every step of the way. Easy online payment options also improve the way projects are processed.

A big benefit to Brothers Fire & Security is the QuoteWerks cloud process helps us understand your needs better. After all, taking take care of ALL your fire and security needs with the LEAST amount of interruptions to your people and your business is Job One at Brothers Fire & Security.

I encourage you to visit for an overview of their features and benefits.

About Brothers Fire & Security

As one of the premier providers of fire and security solutions in the Upper Midwest, Brothers Fire & Security strives to build long-term, value-added relationships. We work with business owners and property management companies, as well as all types of public institutions to solve fire and security needs. By taking advantage of our integrated bundled services, many of our clients find that they can save 25-30% on their safety services, annual inspections and more. From a single location to franchises throughout the region and the country, our integrated approach saves our clients valuable time, money and stress. We provide fire protection systems, security systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, 24-7 monitoring, fire extinguishers, card access and kitchen hoods.