March 15th, 2019, Minneapolis, Minnesota:

It’s that time of year when Minnesotans come down with Spring Fever. Sometimes it gets so bad it turns into March Madness. (and I’m not talking about the NCAA Basketball Final Four coming to Minneapolis next month!) They take a collective deep breath of fresh, warm air after a long cold, snowy winter and are impatient to get outside. Better yet, they decide to escape the ugly remnants of winter for a much-deserved spring break.

Spring break vacations are getting more popular, and not just among rowdy college students. Travel Agent Central reports over 53 percent of Millennials take spring break “vacays.” Family getaways include grandparents—talk about built-in babysitters! They spend hours researching airfares, hotels, car rentals, recreation opportunities, and sightseeing adventures.

But for business owners and property managers planning to take spring break vacations, careful thought and preparation are needed to safeguard their businesses before packing their suitcases and boarding the plane for destinations with sun, sea, and sand.

First, make sure your business’s fire and security systems are up to date and fully operational. Second, but just as important, is to be sure your staff is up to speed on those systems, know how to prevent emergencies, and know how to handle an emergency situation if one does arise.

Spring Break Safety List

Keeping those two things in mind, I’ve compiled this list to ensure your Spring Break isn’t spoiled by a frantic phone call, text or email about a security breach, busted water pipe or fire.

  • Designate a responsible staff person or two from each shift to provide leadership in case of an emergency. They should be someone you trust based on your work relationship with them and their experience.
    • Tell your staff who that person(s) is so they know who to call.
    • Your go-to person is familiar with the fire and security system and programming.
    • They have the schedule of inspections, system servicing, etc.
    • They understand and know how to implement your emergency plan.
    • They are trained in emergency procedures.
    • They have up-to-date emergency contacts and the who-to-call list. (And of course, Brothers Fire & Security is on their speed dial!)
  • Create an emergency drill for the entire business before you leave. Spring is a good time for this as we’ve been cooped up inside all winter and may have forgotten procedures.
  • Review Employee Access
    • Be sure the terminated employees list is up to date, and their key fobs and access cards are accounted for.
    • Make sure key fobs and cards work; have replacements on hand.
    • Confirm that the right people have the right access to buildings and property.
  • Does your social media suggest you are away and leave you vulnerable? Would-be criminals might be researching for their next “hit”—how convenient to know that the boss is going to be out of town! Don’t broadcast your plans or chronicle your vacation online. If you want to share your experiences, wait until AFTER you return home.

Home Security Spring Break Advice

As long as we’re talking about home, according to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, six percent more break-ins occur during the day (6 a.m.-6 p.m. while people are at work or running errands) than at night.

In addition to keeping a low profile on social media, NCHSS suggests these crime prevention tips:

  • Get to know your neighbors for community watch
  • Stop your main / newspaper delivery when out of town
  • Park your car in front of your house
  • Install timers for lights and televisions
  • If you have a security system, make sure the sign is visible from the road and driveway

Brothers Fire & Security doesn’t want you and your business to be caught unprepared and unprotected. Call us when you make plans to be away. We’ll go over your security and fire systems with you and your designated staff, and help you create or update an emergency plan. After all, planning and prevention can prevent a catastrophe.

About Brothers Fire & Security

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