July 15th, 2019, Minneapolis, Minnesota:
Lately, I wonder if businesses—especially large multi-national businesses—truly understand the concept of Customer Service. It’s seems that the “Customer” aspect has been suffocated by the growth- and profit-driven goals of Big Business. Worse yet, I fear that even if they do understand customer service, they don’t care. Or they come up with a model that everyone fits into. It cannot be tailored to a customer’s specific need.
I challenge you to take a serious look at the customer service you get from your vendors. Do they work around your environment and your needs? Or do they focus on doing their own thing to cross the job off the “To Do” list and move quickly on to the next customer? Do they overcharge on service calls or require four-hour minimums?
Bluntly, does your vendor care about you? Do they know you? Do they understand that “timing is everything?” Naptime at a daycare is an obviously bad time to test fire alarms. Do they schedule the inspection of your restaurant’s refrigeration system during lunch hour? Have they cleaned the carpet at your multi-family residence at the first of the month when new residents are moving in?

I can’t stress enough that vendors must be sensitive to the environment they are working in. They should be aware of what’s going on around them and be willing to adjust and accommodate. Vendors are guests at your business so they should behave like guests and not walk around like they own the place. They don’t storm around the commons area of a senior living community during the ladies’ afternoon tea to repair plumbing in the women’s bathroom. 
Here’s what excellent customer service looks like.

  • Service calls are based on when it’s most convenient for you and your business.
  • They give you their full attention. They don’t stare at their cell phone as you’re explaining your problem.
  • The crew is polite to everyone and moves around as inconspicuous as possible. 
  • Vendors recommend services and repairs that are beneficial to your business—not theirs.
  • They patiently take the time to show you how to use the systems, preventative maintenance, and how to respond in an emergency. 
  • Good vendors help you to help yourselves so you don’t waste money and time.
  • The vendor is more concerned about customer satisfaction than their numbers.
  • Lastly, they build a relationship with you, not just bill a relationship 

Brothers Fire & Security is committed to being customer service-driven and building long-term, value-added relationships. We’ll ask you the best time for service calls and inspections. We’ll respect your time, employees, clients, property, and business operations. Ask us questions and we’ll get the answers. Have concerns? We’ll take care of them. At Brothers Fire & Security, we put the Customer into Service.


As one of the premier providers of fire and security solutions in the Upper Midwest, Brothers Fire & Security strives to build long-term, value-added relationships. We work with business owners and property management companies, as well as all types of public institutions to solve fire and security needs. By taking advantage of our integrated bundled services, many of our clients find that they can save 25-30% on their safety services, annual inspections and more. From a single location to franchises throughout the region and the country, our integrated approach saves our clients valuable time, money and stress. We provide fire protection systems, security systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, 24-7 monitoring, fire extinguishers, card access and kitchen hoods.

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