June 15, 2018, Minneapolis, Minnesota:
When is it time to replace the pipes for sprinkler systems? What are some of the warning signs to watch for if your pipes are getting worn out?
Corrosion is not a word you want to hear when thinking about your sprinkler system. Yet corrosion is a reality and, at its worse, a recipe for catastrophic damage. But at Brothers Fire & Security, it’s our job to keep an expert eye on the condition of pipes in sprinkler systems.
We are especially vigilant for companies with high moisture environments where water is used, such as paper companies, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, chemical manufacturing, heavy industrial companies, and electric power plants.

Did you know that sprinkler systems can actually rot from the large volume and quality of water in a building’s water system? Have you ever seen the inside of a corroded pipe? Believe me, it’s not a pretty sight!

Here’s a little science refresher. It only takes three things to start corrosive action: water, iron and oxygen; and there are two types of corrosion:

  • Rust, which accounts for 60 percent of corrosion problems in pipes
  • Bacteria, which is 40 percent of corrosion issue

So what causes corrosion to flourish? Pipes are NEVER 100 PERCENT DRY. Over time, rust and bacteria build up and the piping begins to corrode from the inside out. Corrosion also creates debris that can clog the pipe and sprinkler heads. The results can cause a lot of costly problems:

  • Pinhole leaks
  • Temporary system shutdowns
  • Loss of property
  • Loss of production
  • Reduced effectiveness of fire sprinkler design
  • The inability of the Fire Sprinkler System to even operate
  • Total system replacements
  • Personal injury


Vigilance is the key to effectively deal with corrosion. First, you can do your part. Having basic knowledge about your sprinkler system, including where the valves and air compressor are located and how they should function, can decrease the hassle if a problem arises. Look for corroded piping, system leaks or a continuously-running air compressor.
Second, call us so we can check your systems. Unfortunately, many companies have multiple vendors for their fire and security systems, which isn’t the wisest approach. In the long run, multiple vendors won’t save you money. Annual inspections are not coordinated, meaning some problems may be overlooked. Plus, having to allow time for each inspection results in lost production.
Brothers Fire & Security bundles maintenance—we’re a One Stop Shop. We’ll be on the lookout for problems and be sure your sprinkler system is ready for action, saving you time, money and stress.

Vigilance begins with an annual inspection, which is required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). We’ll schedule and perform regular inspections, make needed repairs, and flush sprinkler systems. Regularly scheduled testing and repair will help ensure continued regulatory compliance and optimal system performance. All this also ensures maximum insurance savings. After all, the last thing you need is a drop in safety rating.
Brothers Fire & Security professionals will look for corrosion, discover why it’s happening and find the best solution. Our pros can spot major problems that may not be visible, such as damage from inside the pipes. We also know when the sprinkler system needs to be replaced and what will it cost. When it comes to your bottom line, our preventative maintenance costs a lot less compared to replacing damaged systems or dealing with the aftermath of a non-functioning sprinkler system.
Since 1994, Brothers Fire & Security has been committed to help companies manage growth by building, bundling, and upgrading fire and security systems over time. We’re in it for the long haul because you have more important things to focus on to keep your business running.
As one of the premier providers of fire and security solutions in the Upper Midwest, Brothers Fire & Security strives to build long-term, value-added relationships. We work with business owners and property management companies, as well as all types of public institutions to solve fire and security needs. By taking advantage of our integrated bundled services, many of our clients find that they can save 25-30% on their safety services, annual inspections and more. From a single location to franchises throughout the region and the country, our integrated approach saves our clients valuable time, money and stress. We provide fire protection systems, security systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, 24-7 monitoring, fire extinguishers, card access and kitchen hoods.