Industries We Serve


One of our successful airport design and installations where we provide state-of-the-art surveillance is the Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport.  Let us custom-design a system and solution for your facilities.


Today’s financial institutions are faced with keeping customers safe.  As technology advances, companies need strategic partners who understand their unique challenges.  The integrated approach to fire protection and security makes perfect sense.


It’s a challenging world for government employees as well as members of the public who frequent local city, state and federal offices.  With security concerns on the rise, people want to know that their safety is being taken care of.

We take the safety and security of all the adults and children in our school district very seriously. People’s lives depend on it! Brothers Fire & Security has been taking care of our fire and security needs for many years now. We trust them to keep our systems compliant and our schools safe.


With recent events on our nation’s college campuses, fire and security systems are essential.  Now, more than ever, it’s important to take the integrated approach to keeping people and campuses safe.  These issues are extremely complex and require a strategic plan to meet current demands as well as future expansion.


Parents trust their day care providers to secure a safe and nurturing environment for their precious children. Every day care center needs to know that the their facilities are protected with the best equipment at affordable costs. The integrated approach ensures that all systems are designed with maximum safety and workable budgets.


As franchise operations expand, fire protection and safety systems must be consistent across all locations. This adds tremendous value to each franchisee so that safety is built into the franchise model. The integrated approach can save valuable time and money.

We needed a company that could handle our growth and one that understands our industry. One of the first things we did was get all of our annual safety inspections for all of our services coordinated. That really saved us a lot of money and a ton of stress in keeping us compliant with compliance and code.


Today’s hospital systems face the daunting task of lowering expenses and increasing profits.
The safety and security for patients, visitors and hospital staff are a top priority.  It takes careful planning to make sure that the latest technology is applied to all safety systems.


Guests are always looking for the best home-away-from-home experience.  Owners and general managers in the hospitality industry need to know they can trust the brands and the services of companies who have a solid track record and can take the best care of all of their safety needs.  Put our experience to work for your business, and get the results that you need.


Health care is a rapidly changing industry.  When it comes to fire and security products and services, the medical field needs to know they can rely on their protection and security partner to take care of all the details, so they can focus on treating patients and supporting families.

As a property management company, many of our properties were built between 2000 – 2012. Over the past few years, it was challenging to make sure that all of our locations were compliant when we had four different vendors. Now that we’ve partnered with Brothers Fire & Security, we have a much better handle on all of our safety services, what we’re spending and how they work together to serve our changing needs.


As buildings continue to age, the fire and security systems in the existing locations can get out of date. Property owners and managers face the daunting task of finding out what systems can be repaired and what needs to be replaced.


When faced with changes in fire protection code and security requirements, every office building goes through continual upgrading.  A coordinated approach to the latest updates and technology options is essential.  This can often result in getting more services for less cost.


The retail climate has gone through quite the transformation over the past few years.  So have the fire, security and monitoring requirements for retail space.  Property managers often deal with many different vendors for their safety needs and can lose track of performance and costs.

Our senior living management company was looking for a way to coordinate the safety systems between our various communities. We took a look at how our fire protection and security vendors were performing and could see that we could reduce the overall costs by consolidating our services with just one vendor. When the Brothers Fire & Security team showed us how taking a more integrated approach could lower our costs and increase the quality of systems, it was a no-brainer.


Recent school attacks have brought many safety issues into a new and critical light.  School districts face the constant task of budget cuts, and our school clients tell us that they are able to upgrade their services and cut costs by taking the integrated approach.


From independent living, assisted living, rehabilitation, and memory care, senior living is a very competitive industry.  Those communities who provide the best fire and security solutions can bring more peace of mind to the residents and their families.


Every new commercial business must address the fire and security needs for their industry.  The unique challenges of start-up companies is that they need a strategic fire and security partner company who can grow with them as their business model expands.

At first, we were just looking for a fire protection company for the design-build of the renovation of one of our facilities. We soon realized that Brothers Fire & Security could take care of more of our safety needs through their integrated approach to safety services. We’re confident in the quality of service they provide for our company.