Resources & Free Downloads

Date Scheduling Matrix


Many clients shared your frustration about trying to keep track of scheduling and planning effectively for future necessary budget items. To address these issues, we’ve created the Date Scheduling Matrix.  Our staff is prepared to help you get proactive about required maintenance and inspections. 


When it comes to kitchen hood inspections, examination of all detectors, the expellant gas container (s), the agent container(s), and a whole list of testing is needed to keep your kitchen hoods safe and compliant. Hydrostatic testing is subject to testing at intervals not to exceed 12 years. For a complete list of testing requirements, please download the worksheet.

Budget Planning Matrix


Many of our clients were asking for help to make sure that inspections and maintenance for all their fire and security services got included. We created the Budget Planning Matrix to make it easier to keep track. Naturally, our staff are here to help you get your budget in place based on your needs. Simply click on Get My Worksheet to access the writable matrix.

We used to struggle to keep all of systems maintenance up-to-date. With these free resources and worksheets, now we can take charge of all of our maintenance scheduling and planning for our fire and security systems!   It makes such a big difference to have all of our systems with Brothers. Thanks for working with us and for making them available!

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance


Business owners are responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and recharging of the fire extinguishers located on their properties. They are also responsible for training the staff how to effectively use fire extinguishers. Several dfferent types of inspections required:  Monthly inspections, annual maintenance,  6-year inspections and 12-year Hydrostatic tests. Simply download the worksheet to get started!

Sprinkler Heads


OSHA safety regulation NFP 25, 5.3 requires that fire sprinkler heads shall be tested and maintained to be in compliance. For example, all sprinkler heads manufactured prior to 1920 must be replaced. For a full range of information and OSHA requirements about sprinkler heads and testing, please download the worksheet below.

Fire Sprinkler System


When it comes to fire sprinkler system inspections, a licensed contract is required to conduct an annual inspection of your fire sprinkler system. There are several key checkpoints that are included in your inspection including:  proper coverage and conditions; braces and supports; hydraulic design; water flow and water control devices and anti-freeze levels. Download the worksheet to learn more.

We needed a company that could handle our growth and one that understands our industry. One of the first things we did was get all of our annual safety inspections for all of our services coordinated. That really saved us a lot of money and a ton of stress in keeping us compliant with compliance and code.

Fire Pump Inspections


The annual fire pump inspection makes sure that the pump has been inspected and tested according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The fire pump and the jockey pump components are inspected, tested and maintained.  The fire pump is tested at Churn (no flow), 100% capacity and 150% capacity. For a full list, please download your checklist worksheet.

Dry Sprinkler System


Every three years, and whenever the system is altered, the dry pipe valve or pre-action valve must be trip-tested with the valve fully open.   The other items on the checklist include: measure and record the time required for water to pass through the test; pressurized water left in the system long enough for leaks (if any) to be determined; and draining all low points in the system. Simply download the worksheet below for the flyer.

Standpipe Inspections


A licensed contractor must perform the annual inspection of your standpipe system and control valves. Every five years, a licensed contractor must conduct a psi hydrostatic test of the system. Testing also includes a flow test of the system.  For a full list of the requirements, please download your worksheet.