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We take the responsibility of safeguarding your property, your assets and your people very seriously.  That’s why we offer integrated solutions utilizing the best brands in the industry like S2, Panasonic, Samsung, Avigilon and DMP.  We’ll provide you with solutions that are unique to your business, are flexible, and are scalable as your business grows.  You can be confident that the systems that are designed, installed and monitored by our team will protect you today and in the years to come.

• Access Control
• Intrusion Detection
• Property Surveillance
• Video Management Solutions
• Fire Alarm Protection
• Nurse Call and Mass Notification
• Sound


We install, test, maintain and monitor all types of alarm, security, elevator and area of refuge systems.  With more than 20 years of experience with fire and security solutions, our NICET-certified engineers provide security that’s custom-designed to fit your company’s needs.  Since 2004, we’ve built a solid strategic partnership with U.S.A. Central Station Alarm Corporation. We continue to bring out customers state-of-the-art system monitoring solutions.  All of our monitoring options, including landline, cellular and mesh radio are compliant with current NFPA, UL and insurance protocols.

• 24-hour centralized, off-site alarm monitoring
• Immediate notification to emergency responders and emergency on-call contacts
• UL Listed Central Station Operations
• I!-Certified
• Fully automated with triple redundancy


Not only do we provide high quality fire extinguishers, we also install kitchen hood and sensitive-area fire suppression systems, where water-based systems are simply not an option.

For example, an office building with on-site servers could get destroyed with water sprinklers.  The better option would be a pre-engineered system that uses chemicals instead of water to suppress any potential fire danger.  We also offer clean agent systems, CO2 systems, flame, heat and smoke detection, foam systems, and paint booth solutions.  Simply put, we custom-design a fire suppression system to fit your specific needs, asset protection level, and your budget.


We design, install, test and maintain fire alarm systems (fire alarms and security alarms) as well as security access, including camera monitoring systems.  Our NICET-certified engineers will provide you with a security system designed to fit your business needs.

Using leading manufacturers such as Siemens, DMP, and Silent Knight, Brothers Fire & Security provides the superior protection your business requires.  Whether you need a basic fire alarm system for a small business or a voice evacuation system for a large facility, we provide professional installation and service for all of your needs.


There are many options to choose from and all systems are not created equal.  Based on your company’s needs, our experienced and certified professionals will make sure that the materials, pipes and other components are just what’s needed.  From initial consultation to design and final installation, we’ll deliver.

We start with a team consultation to determine your needs and your budget.  We then select the right components, decide on sprinkler placement, fittings, piping and pumps.  All of our installers are certified, and they follow the highest industry standards.

Products and Services in Action

Case Studies


Hoigaard Village had previously worked with several different vendors to provide fire, security and monitoring services. Annual inspections and periodic servicing had to be scheduled at different times throughout the year. These were difficult and time consuming to coordinate between vendors. The disruption to the community happened many times when required service and inspections happened on a random basis.

When services are not bundled, inspection deadlines can get missed and insurance premiums can be higher. The pressure to get these inspections done increases and services can end up being more costly than necessary. At the very least, a periodic review of your vendors and services is a smart practice for every business!


    During their assessment, we developed a comprehensive life safety plan to solve the challenges. Through the integrated approach and bundled services, we dramatically reduced their vendor costs. and made a strategic difference to support their community’s core values.

    “They had over 18 different vendor visits throughout the year to manage,” said Margaret Jacques, Life Safety Sales with Brothers Fire & Security. “We put together a bundled service plan which eliminated multiple vendors, coordinated all their inspections at the same time, and saved an average of 25% on the cost of their services.”


      With the personalized, bundled solution in place, there is a sign of relief around the Hoigaard Village community. Now, one vendor is coordinating their services and inspections with a dedicated account manager (Brothers Fire & Security) as a single point of contact. The “Rhythm of Living” at Hoigaard Village is now supported by the safety and security systems that serve the best interests of their whole community.


        Park High School is part of the South Washington County School District 833. There are over 1,800 students enrolled in grades 9-12, with 110 teaching and support staff members.

        “The biggest challenge Park High School faced was that it was very difficult for network engineers at the school to troubleshoot technology challenges quickly,” said Tim Hilvka, Solutions Engineer with Brothers Fire & Security. “With over 20 different data equipment rooms, they needed to consolidate down to seven rooms or less with the project completed on budget and on time for the new school year.”


          Park High School’s school district approves copper and fiber optics as the industry standard for data cabling solutions for all of its facilities. After being selected and awarded the project, the Brothers Fire & Security project team met with Park High School’s Network Engineer. All the data rooms were assessed, challenged discussed, the protect team clarified the goals and objectives.

          Based on the current and future needs for the school, we created blueprints and recommendations, along with timelines and budgets. Our state-of-the-art technology made it possible for us to consolidate over 20 data closets into a well-organized and “smart” system with six new data closet locations. The project was completed on time and on budget before the start of the new school year.

          Now, the new data cabling system at Park High School can deliver predictable performance and adapt easily to changes and growth as needed. In short, the new data cabling system makes technology work for everyone who uses it.


            With the new data cabling system in place, students, parents and staff can now depend on their technology to support their award-winning school experiences.

            Here are just a few of the many benefits for Park High School’s new data cabling system:

            • MACs (Moves, Adds and Changes) are much quicker
            • Less downtime and less troubleshooting
            • Less frustration from technology challenges
            • More access for more students
            • More reliability to support daily access
            • Increased quality of the technology experience
            • Fast and smart – just like the Wolfpack!

            Many thanks to Park High School for trusting Brothers Fire & Security to assess and resolve their technology and data cabling needs. Here’s to an outstanding year for the Wolfpack and the Park High School community.


              As a start-up company in a new industry, their vision was to grow strategically.  They were looking for a Minnesota-based company that could expand, as well as understand, their unique technical challenges.  They needed integrated security solutions and a strategic partner company that could support current needs as well as future growth strategies.  As a new company, they didn’t know who to turn to for their protection and security needs.


                Our integrated team met with the owner and project managers to discuss their current needs and growth strategies.  Based on their needs assessment, we designed and developed an alarm system solution, card access for security, and a video surveillance platform that would meet the unique needs of their start-up business model.  As a strategic partner who understands the specific challenge of a start-up company in a high growth industry, we brought state-of-the-art technology to their life safety needs.


                  Through our integrated approach, our client’s fire and security solutions are flexible enough to handle their current needs and take care of their known — and unknown — security issues.  The main benefit to our client of the integrated approach is that they now have systems and infrastructure in place that can handle strategic growth.  Their systems and platforms we specifically designed to go the distance, and to save time, money and stress.


                    The new director of operations was assigned with the task of analyzing, modernizing, and consolidating both vendors, systems and services.  The owners were concerned that there was money being wasted because of a lack of coordination of services.  His goal was to ensure that all 70 locations were code compliant.  Their current contractors were not communicating nor consolidating services, and their current vendors were not providing the right product/service solutions within the allocated time periods or budgets.


                      Our dedicated team met with the client team and identified all the areas of frustration with their current services.  We took them through a strategic process to learn more about their needs and then designed a strategic blueprint with timelines and deliverables.  We offered the integrated approach that dramatically lowered their costs to monitor each location, gave all of the 70 locations a single source, and brought them a product platform to apply to the wide spectrum of their centers.


                        By working with us as their integrated safety strategic partner, all of the centers met the deadlines for inspection and code compliance, before their annual insurance renewal date.  This deliverable met and exceeded their expectations, and they were able to significantly lower their insurance premiums.  Now, every location is assured that their fire and security needs are taken care of, so they concentrate on their precious cargo — the children!

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